Hollow Metal

Strength, Security & Durability Made in Canada.

Manufacturing hollow metal in Canada for over 20 years, The Citywide Group is the industry’s trusted source for commercial steel doors and frames. Commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, Hollow Metal Doors and Frames offer extra durability and long lasting quality.

With a high level of expertise in national and local building codes regulating fire and life safety and accessibility as they pertain to door openings, The Citywide Group provides design assistance to the architectural and engineering community. The Citywide Group’s hollow metal experts are ready to assist you in making the smart choice for your building or development.

  • Closed Circuit
    Televisions (CCTVs)

  • Exterior and Interior Parking Security

  • Lobby/Concierge Deck, Interior Security

  • Amenity Space & Exterior Security

Hollow Metal Offerings

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Strength, Security & Style.

Though superior for their strength, durability, and protective qualities, hollow metal fabrication continues to evolve, marrying superior quality and peace of mind with impeccable design and aesthetic choices for all commercial and industrial applications. The possibilities are endless.

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