Founded on the platform of doors and hardware supply to the high-rise MDU market, Citylink was born of The Citywide Group’s mission to merge the mechanical and digital needs of their clients to create the buildings of tomorrow.

This forward vision and evolution has given Citylink the unique ability to not only plan for, but execute all interrelated services pertaining to your Smart Building. With our holistic approach to smart building, hundreds of customers have discovered how Citylink can lower operating costs, improve occupant comfort, increase salability and improve asset value throughout the building lifecycle.

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Save up to $1,589,130.00 with Citylink Over 7 Years

Our greatest value comes from our track record. We have completed more smart buildings than any other provider worldwide with 1,300+ buildings running on our hardware & software platforms, and over 150 new projects completed annually.

This Past Year:

High Rise Residential

Low and High Rise Commercial


Hospital and School Campus

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