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Why Citylink? The Smart Choice

When selecting a critical platform like smart building, that is multi faceted in hardware, various trades and applications, It is important to have a technology partner that knows the entire ecosystem. Learn how our foundation makes for the leading provider of multi-dwelling unit, commercial, and institutional building solutions.

The End-to-End Solution Provider

Citylink is an end-to-end solution provider, that is responsible for design, install and the programming of every piece of the smart building platform. From base building security to the mobile tenant app we are the entire value chain. Building automation and control applications have some specific needs and generally require a strong underlying technology knowledge and infrastructure to be maximally effective. This foundation requires all the Citylink core competencies to be successful, other players rely on 3rd party skillsets and hope to achieve the same level of stability.

The Perfect Balance

We have perfected the delicate balance of combining people, technology, and collaboration, in order to ensure you will meet the changing demands for high-performance within your businesses and buildings. With our innovative digital services, will help you maintain the balance between cost, risk and asset value as we are business people too.


Automation systems today offer huge opportunities for improving efficiencies and competitiveness. The best way to achieve this is through collaboration with a partner who can deliver what it takes to help you reduce implementation risks, minimize downtime, increase maintenance and operating efficiency, and boost process efficiency.

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