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The Cost of Duplication

As technology as an amenity grows, the feature rich list grows more and more with each build.

Creating a technical feature list as a go to marketing strategy is fun and exciting. This feature rich list often lacks details and the knowledge base needed for the connectivity required to support the desired features.

Often each feature brings with it, its own infrastructure and contractor. Once this has been repeated over and over again, the cost of duplication is immense, and often undetected. With the Citylink converged network the structuring and saving possibilities are endless.

There is a better way forward, and it starts with seeing the problem first.

Citylink has the unique ability to not only plan for, but to execute all interrelated services pertaining to your Smart Building. With our holistic approach to smart building, we are able to prevent unnecessary contractor and services overlap, of which many go undetected for years, saving you time and money.

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