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Understanding the IoT

What is the IoT?

It’s an ecosystem of networked electronic devices—from home appliances to commercial sensor networks—that rely on connectivity to share and receive information.

Changing How We Work & Live

The internet of things (IoT) is expanding so quickly it’s hard to stay current on its latest applications. There seems to be no limit to the ways connected devices and services help us all operate more efficiently and effectively.

Understanding the IoT

Soon, any discussion of intelligent buildings will include the Internet of Things. The impact of the IoT is already being felt in our daily lives at home, in the office and on the road While the largest percentage of IoT devices is expected to be deployed in factories, smart cities and, autonomous vehicles, IoT devices will also play a significant role in smart buildings.

Devices that enable applications such as LED lighting, space utilization, HVAC, IP security/access control systems, along with traditional IT equipment are already being deployed in smart buildings to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency while providing a better user experience.

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